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Top Rated 
Residential Electrician In Seattle,WA

Searching For The "Best Electrician Near Me"?

We are a top-rated electrical contractor company in Seattle, Wa. If you are looking to hire the best Seattle electrician then look no further than Clarity Electric LLC for all your electrical system repairs and upgrades. Call today at (425) 545-1151

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Top Rated Electrician in Seattle, Washington

Easy to work with, Honest,  & Upfront Electrical Repair & Installation Services.

If you have been searching for a reliable electrician in Seattle, WA then we are the perfect company for you. At Clarity Electric, we take great pride in the fact that every single member of our team is trained and certified. That’s why you can rely on us Seattle electrician services – whether it be an emergency fix or simply new installation work! We’ll make sure your home stays running smoothly by providing reliable solutions backed up with professional service at all times.

Clarity Electric is a premier electrician near me that offers home improvement projects to residents in Seattle, WA. They are proud of their highly trained, experienced electricians backed by a reputable and experienced company providing high-quality work at competitive prices. Your home is important to you and we understand the importance of keeping it safe. We’re happy that so many people value their safety, which is why our team provides annual inspections as well as electrical safety upgrades like Carbon Monoxide, fuse boxes, or lighting receptacles.

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Our Professional Electrical Services - Electrician Seattle WA

We guarantee our work and strive for excellence in customer service by always putting our customers first. Keep your property, staff, and customers safe, call us today! (425) 545-1151

Residential Electrical Repair Services in Seattle, WA

Quality Electrical Repair Services Across The Seattle area!

Our electrical technicians in Seattle and the surrounding areas are ready to help you when your power goes out. We can offer an emergency call-out service, so if it’s an inconvenient time or day for us that doesn’t matter because our mission is to make sure your home is taken care of. Our fully trained electricians will ensure everything is working as expected with their thorough inspections. So, if you want an electrician in Seattle, WA or even a contractor who can repair your home’s electrical needs then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to hear from you and offer professional advice that meets all of our clients’ demands! We offer the following residential electrical services in Seattle WA.

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Reliable Electrical Contractors - Electrical Repair Services in Seattle, WA

Clarity Electric is your reliable Residential electrical services provider. When you need an expert in the field, we are always at hand with fast response times and competitive pricing that will leave more money on hand for other important business needs like employee training or marketing initiatives; not to mention peace of mind knowing everything about our work including safety standards goes above board!

Your company’s success depends upon reliable power sources—we understand this responsibility well so don’t hesitate any longer when seeking assistance dealing with electrical issues affecting your home. 

What Makes Clarity Electric Different?

Highly Rated Electrical Contractor in Seattle, Washington

Clarity Electric is here to help with all of your electrical systems from the simplest form of maintenance and repair we can guarantee our quality of work.  One trip with us will shorten your need for many repairs in the future, our service techs will provide a detailed explanation of the cause or repairs done during our visit. 

Searching for Local electricians, look no further we are specialists in what we do. Outdoor Lighting Designs and installation, and more! Give us a call today.  (425) 545-1151

Clarity Electric LLC is located at 7207 Evergreen way, Ste N, Everett, Wa

We’re open: Sunday Closed, Monday-Friday 07:00AM – 5:00pm, Saturday 07:00 – 5:00PM

For additional questions, call us at (425) 545-1151 or find us on Google.

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